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Food station summer selection

Sushi bar

Live sushi service with chef preparing sushi for guests on request

Oyster bar

Namibian oyster bar with all accompaniments i.e. limes, lemon, black pepper, tabasco etc

Smoked Norwegian salmon bar

With all accompaniments:
French baguettes, capers, cream cheese, sliced red onion,  spring onion, chives, lemons & limes

Cheese board station

Selection of cheeses with fruit preserves, seasonal fresh fruit, honey, nuts and crackers

Burger station

Gourmet beef and chicken burgers
served with different sauces:  special tomato sauce and Cajun mayonnaise

Braai kebab station

Herb marinated beef skewers

Greek-style lamb skewers marinated with lemon & oregano

Moroccan-style lamb koftas

Pork neck marinated in red wine and coriander skewers

Mediterranean chicken and vegetable skewers

Served with sauces:  tzatziki, homemade chilli sauce and hummus

Fish and chips station

Beer-battered fish and chips or wedges served with lemon aioli in paper cones
Corn dogs and chips with variety of sauces
Potato chip swirls on sticks, served with different sauces

Noodle station

Chicken and vegetable egg fried noodles served in noodle boxes

Salad station

Garden salad with fresh green leaves, julienne sliced vegetable, avocado (seasonal) and mixed seeds

Broccoli, cauliflower, cranberries, walnuts and pumpkin seeds and creamy mayonnaise

Baby spinach, grilled butternut and sweet peppers salad, served with herbed croutons

Crispy pear, fig preserved, mixed seeds, walnuts and Camembert salad, served with champagne vinaigrette

Petite dessert station

Decadent Belgian chocolate brownies, served with fresh strawberries

Crème Brûlée: vanilla or lavender or Amarula or Amaretto or Kahlua or Expresso

Baklava cigars

Petite baked cheesecakes: baklava or mixed seasonal fruit or Belgian chocolate

Petite meringues:  coffee, lemon curd or Chantilly cream with roasted almond flake

Please note: A formal quote will be provided based on the station selection and number of guests

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Terms and conditions:

The prices reflected on the menus are an outline idea of pricing. Once you have provided more details about your event, we will prepare a tailored menu and quotation for approval. For all events, please first confirm that we are available to cater for the occasion before you confirm the date for the occasion. Once your menu and quotation are approved, a 70% invoice will be submitted for payment in order to confirm catering for the event.

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