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Katsuhiko Miyamoto, known affectionately as Miya, has been a chef for over three decades. Twenty-seven years ago he was invited to work in a Japanese restaurant in South Africa. Since then he has worked in many restaurants and has built up a loyal clientèle who have followed him whenever he changed restaurants. However, Miya has remained faithful to the Japanese community by catering for various Japanese companies who love his sushi. He has also worked for well-known restaurants like Koi (Johannesburg) and Wakame (Cape Town), setting them up, creating their signature dishes and training the staff.

In 1977, Miya attended Ise Cho-Rishi Gakko Chef’s School in Japan where he studied French cuisine. He was particularly attracted to nouvelle cuisine because of its aesthetic appeal as well as for its complexity and subtlety of flavours. After that he studied Japanese cooking, which included the art of sushi-making.

In February 1999, Miya married Terry, an energetic, passionate, and highly-driven marketing and advertising executive. Together they started Miya’s Cuisine in 2007. Her marketing experience and flair for organising have been indispensable to the success of this catering company.

Additionally, Miya’s passion for pleasing his customers’ eyes with beautifully plated dishes, as well as their taste buds with his uniquely creative approach and often surprising combinations ensures an event that will exceed your expectations. Not only is Miya’s Cuisine
a catering company that guarantees a delicious dining experience,
but also one that has built an excellent reputation with its clients as well as with venue administration personnel.

"Thank-you for an absolutely wonderful evening. We're still getting messages from our friends telling us how fantastic the food was. You were really spectacular. Our music man, Colin, LOVED the food! Please thank your staff as well, they were spectacular, especially your barman. Cocktails were a novelty to most and he did a wonderful job of making martinis, Shirley Temples and the like. :) You made our 21st anniversary a night to remember "

- Desire Bloxam

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